Kitchen Cabinets

Available in Different Types and Sizes

Kitchen Cabinet Basics

There are all different types of cabinets and cabinet sizes. Kitchen cabinets, however, typically refer to a specific size of base cabinets that are 34 1/2” tall cabinets, and are typically 25” depth on a standard base cabinet.

Kitchen cabinets in addition to having base cabinets, include upper cabinet storage for your kitchen as well. These vary in height from about 30” on the low end, to 42” on the upper end of stock cabinets, and are 12” depth which is about half the depth of your base cabinets. This allows you to lean over your base kitchen cabinets in order to access your upper kitchen cabinets more easily.

There are tall cabinets greater than 42” height, however these are typically used for pantries and built-in ovens and microwaves. Cabinets taller than 42” aren’t easily accessed without a stool or ladder in the upper section where you would store your belongings. For most upper cabinet designs where a height greater than 42” is desired, a second tier of cabinets is added with a separate door that can have a decorative glass panel to display fine china or other decor above your kitchen cabinets. These are commonly referred to as “stacker cabinets” or “glass stacker cabinets.”

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    Project Pricing

    Demolition Fee Per Cabinet - $20

    Before we can install new cabinets in your kitchen, we must demo your old kitchen cabinets. The standard rate is $20 per cabinet including removal of countertops. If the countertop is especially heavy or requires multiple steps to remove, the demo price per cabinet may be more or less depending on the countertops that are currently installed. If no countertops are on top, the price may be discounted.

    Dumpster Fee - $250+

    Depending on the size and scope of the project, a smaller or larger dumpster may be required. If there are limits on sizes allowed by the HOA to be placed in the driveway, this may require multiple trips to haul off a smaller, full dumpster, if a larger container is not permitted. This will be discussed with the homeowner at the time of the free initial consultation and will be outlined clearly for you to see the disposal costs for your project on your invoice.

    Standard Cabinet Box Install - $100+

    The standard rate to install new cabinets is $100 per box without crown molding. For cabinets that require special installation or bracing and modification, the price may be higher for those boxes. For larger projects, where applicable, a volume discount may be possible for simplified designs and layouts. To add Crown Molding to a cabinet box, it is $20-30 per cabinet depending on the height and style of crown molding.

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    Find Kitchen Cabinets That Fit Your Budget and Look Great

    Don’t need those old kitchen cabinets anymore? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got just what you need – brand new kitchen cabinets to give your kitchen an instant makeover. Cook food, entertain guests, and store kitchen supplies in style with our trendy and chic kitchen cabinets.

    Our homes are our sanctuaries. They are a reflection of our style and taste. And the kitchen is often the heart of the home – a place where we gather to cook, eat and entertain. With so much happening in this space, kitchen cabinets are making huge waves in design and functionality. Choosing a kitchen cabinet plays a vital role in the look and feel of your overall kitchen space.

    Whether it’s a complete kitchen renovation or you simply want to refresh your space, there’s a unique and stylish kitchen cabinet waiting for you. From sleek and modern to rustic and farmhouse chic, endless design possibilities await.

    Dream Kitchen For the Ultimate Love of Cooking

    There’s nothing like the feeling of homemade meals, one after the other, warm and fresh out of the oven. You are in your element, working with pots and pans, measuring cups, and all the ingredients you need to make your signature dish. But what if your kitchen didn’t quite fit your cooking style? If it’s time for a change, then the cabinet makeover is in order. A dream kitchen is incomplete without the perfect kitchen cabinets.

    Custom Cabinets for a One-Of-A-Kind Look

    You’ve scoured magazines, gone to model homes, and done your research. But somehow, none of the kitchens you’ve seen have quite fit the bill. If you’re looking for a truly unique kitchen space, custom cabinets are the way to go. It lets you put your personal stamp on the heart of your home. Our professional cabinet maker will leave you with one-of-a-kind kitchen that will envy all your friends and family.

    Cabinet Refacing for a Budget-Friendly Option

    Scratched kitchen cabinets? Peeling laminate? Or just plain dated? Don’t worry, you don’t have to gut your entire kitchen to get a brand new look. Cabinet refacing is a cost-effective way to transform the appearance of your kitchen without the hassle (or expense) of new kitchen cabinets.

    Cabinet refacing is the process of replacing your cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware while keeping your existing cabinet boxes intact. Less disruption to your kitchen and a quicker, easier installation process. You’re not starting from scratch, cabinet refacing costs about half as much as new kitchen cabinets.

    • A budget-friendly alternative to new kitchen cabinets

    • Increased storage space and improved organization

    • Improved accessibility to items stored in your cabinets

    Not long ago, the only option for cabinet replacement was to paint or replace the entire cabinet. The new advancements in laminate and veneer technology have made it possible to give your cabinets a better new look without the expense of replacing the entire unit.

    Custom cabinetry, lazy susans, kitchen cabinets with drawers, ready to assemble cabinets, base cabinets, wall cabinets, corner kitchen cabinets, soft close drawers, wine cabinets, waste bin cabinets, sink base kitchen cabinets, cutlery organizers, soft close drawers, doors and flooring – we have it all!

    Modern Kitchen with Gorgeous New Cabinets

    When the extensive range of styles, colors, and materials combine with the most updated features and appliances, you get a beautiful, modern, and highly functional kitchen. Not only do kitchen cabinets provide ample storage space and easy accessibility to all of your cooking needs but they also give your kitchen an aesthetic appeal. From door style and wood type to finish, there are seemingly endless choices to make when it comes to picking the ideal kitchen cabinets for your home. We help you navigate through kitchen island ideas and serve as your one-stop shop for all kitchen needs.

    Going for a Kitchen Remodel?

    A beautiful kitchen is a burning desire for every homeowner. Enthusiasts spend hours poring over kitchen design ideas, dreaming of the perfect layout, and imagining what their own space will look like. Even some non-cooks find themselves in the kitchen more often than they bargained for, just because it’s such a great place to gather.

    Remodeling a kitchen is an exciting way to breathe new life into your home. From the big-picture items like layout and appliances to the smaller details like kitchen cabinet hardware, countertops, and backsplash tile. If you are about to have a full kitchen remodel or just want to spruce up your space with new kitchen cabinets, our large selection can be handy in helping you find just what you’re looking for.

    Quality Kitchen Cabinet Is Our Business

    A place for everything and everything in its place. That’s what you’ll love about our kitchen cabinets. They’re designed to hold whatever you need them to hold, from pots and pans to plates and silverware. And they’re built to last, so you can enjoy them for years to come. Nothing sticks or sags, everything is level and smooth. Our high standards for quality and craftsmanship are what set us apart from the competition.

    Your Kitchen Cabinet Project is in Good Hands

    Your personal taste, style, and budget play a great role and who can understand this better than us? You may be looking for something specific, like white shaker kitchen cabinets, or interested in a certain type of wood, like maple cabinets. Whatever it is, your kitchen cabinet project is our top priority. With a vast array of styles, colors, woods, and finishes – we make sure you get the best kitchen cabinet for your money.

    Inspiration, Accessories, and Installing

    The process is pretty simple and straightforward. Choose the style, color, and material of your cabinets and we’ll take care of the rest. We know every step is full of excitement, joy, and maybe a little anxiousness. Handles, faucets, and appliances are all vital to your project; we’ll be there every step of the way to help you and save money.

    Your Vision Our Expertise

    Years of experience in the industry have taught us a lot about what customers want for their fusion of style, storage, and comfort in the kitchen. Our extensive product range enables us to create unique solutions for each home. People often find themselves with grand ideas for their kitchen, but they’re not quite sure how to make them a reality. Our job is to take those dreams and turn them into a physical space that you’ll love spending time in.

    No matter what your budget or style preferences are, we help you create a beautiful kitchen to suit your needs. Get in touch with us now and begin planning your dream kitchen today.